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Friday, November 26, 2021

17th CAADP Partnership Platform

22-26 November 2021. The theme chosen for the 17th CAADP Partnership Platform was centered on “Ending hunger in Africa by 2025 through resilient food systems”,  to take advantage of renewed momentum that has been created by the UN Food System Summit, at a moment when the continent is halfway through the Malabo Declaration timeframe. 

Malabo policy learning event

Concept note Malabo policy learning event

The Malabo Policy Learning Event (MAPLE) is an annual policy dialogue convened by the Africa Union and its partners designed to bring together technical networks, country-level policy practitioners and leaders to discuss important agricultural policy topics, share learning and generate actions that can drive the Malabo Agenda.  

Objectives of the MAPLE:
  1. To share lessons and experiences on the review, design, and implementation of Malabo-compliant National Agricultural Investment Plans (NAIPS). 
  2. To highlight how inclusion and resilience have and can been integrated in Food Security programming in the context of Malabo implementation. 
  3. To review and learn from different policy implementation approaches and tools 
  4. To identify key actions that if implemented at National, Regional and Continental levels, will accelerate the implementation of the CAADP agenda 
SESSION 1: Opening and Scene Setting
SESSION 2: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in African Food Policy Systems
SESSION 3: Design and Implementation of Malabo-Compliant NAIPS
  • Ousmane Badiane (Akademiya2063): Revisiting NAIPS as a tool for managing national implementation – what is the evidence that this works and how can countries better supported to develop good National Agricultural Investment Plans (NAIPs)? How BR review has informed NAIP formulation and implementation?  
SESSION 4: Learning sessions on policy implementation approaches and tools
SESSION 5: Consolidating Ideas for the Future 

CAADP meeting

  • The two previous Biannual Review reporting cycles had shown that pace at which implementation of CAADP was taking on the ground was not good enough to lead to the intended goals. 
  • More specific to this year’s theme of the Partnership Platform, these same reports have revealed
    that Africa, as a whole, is not on track towards meeting the ending hunger by 2035 commitment. 
  • Besides this worrying underperformance, the COVID-19 global pandemic has dealt the efforts by the continent a serious blow for close to two years now. 
  • Against this backdrop, the 17th CAADP PP served as an opportunity for main constituencies involved in supporting agriculture transformation on the continent to reflect on the main course of actions to bring Africa back on track towards ending hunger through resilient food system by 2025.
The theme of the 17th CAADP was divided into 3 sub-themes as follows:
  1. Strengthening systemic capacity to “build back better”;
  2. Nutrition and Food Safety;
  3. Agri-food trade;
  4. Science and innovation.
The 17th CAADP PP had three specific objectives
  1. Assess the status of the implementation of the Malabo commitments on ending hunger in Africa, based on the findings of the 2nd CAADP biennial review report and various evidence-based analysis and consolidate policy actions to fast-track the implementation. 
  2. Engage participants on the Africa common position on the food systems and its meaning and implications for the Malabo Declaration commitments, goals, and targets. 
  3. Catalyse contributions from the parties involved to chart a realistic roadmap for the remainder of the Malabo journey towards achieving the ending hunger commitment by 2025.

24/11 SESSION 1: Strengthening systemic capacity to help “build back better”

24/11 SESSION 2: Nutrition and Food Safety

25/11 Pan -African Network for Economic Analysis of Policies (PANAP) side event parallel

PANAP is a network among academic/research and institutional partners collaborating with the European Commission - JRC in developing research on agricultural economics and policy issues with a focus on Africa. PANAP aims to strengthen the liaison between researchers/scientists and policymakers in Africa, and to stimulate their cooperation on selected topics linked to policy priorities that reinforce the stability of agriculture and food sectors in Africa. It will also help achieve the sustainability of the agri-food sectors to enhance food and nutrition security in alignment with the Malabo Declaration Commitment 3 on ending hunger in Africa by 2025 and Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2 - Zero Hunger).

PANAP is part of the Action Agenda of the Political Declaration of the 3rd AU-EU Agriculture Ministerial Conference held in Rome on 21 June 2019, and is conceived in the framework of the Africa-Europe agenda for rural transformation - Task force rural Africa.

25/11 Business Meeting Parallel 

25/11 SESSION 3: Agrifood Trade

25/11 SESSION 4: Science and innovation


  • Welcome remarks: H.E Amb. Josefa Sacko -The Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development, Blue Economy and Sustainable Environment, AUC 
  • Mr. Stanlake Samkange, Chair, CAADP Development Partner Coordination Group 
  • Dr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki - Chief Executive Officer, AUDA-NEPAD 
  • Hon. Angela Thoko Didiza, Chair of the Bureau of the 3rd AU STC on Agriculture, Rural Development, Water and Environment, and   Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, South Africa 
  • Dr Agnes Kalibata, President of AGRA and UNFSS Special Envoy: “From UNFSS to Actions – what is needed to strengthen institutions and increase investments to accelerate CAADP implementation?” 
Feedback from Technical Sessions 30mn 
Feedback from MAPLE 10mn 

26/11 High-Level Ministerial Forum (HLMF) 

  • Session Moderator: Hon. Angela Thoko Didiza 
  • Commissioner Agriculture ECOWAS 
  • Minister of Agriculture Uganda (only country on track to ending hunger in the 2nd BR report) 
  • Minister of Agriculture Morocco 
  • Minister of Agriculture Rwanda 
  • Minister of Agriculture Ghana 

26/11 SESSION 6: Partner panel

  • Moderator Ousmane Badiane (Akademiya2063)
  • Mr. Qu Dongyu Director General FAO
  • Martin Fregene, AFDB
  • Alexious Butler, Deputy Assistant to the Administrator, USAID
  • Nathaniel Buka, President of Pan-African Farmers Organization (PAFO/PROPAC)
  • Alfred Dixon, IITA
  • Alexious Butler, USAID\

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