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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

ASARECA Agriculture Ministerial Conference (AAMC)

17 - 19 May 2023. ASARECA Agriculture Ministerial Conference (AAMC). Under a theme entitled: Building Resilient Food Systems to Feed Africa for Generations, delegates deliberated on mechanisms for enhancing the momentum in Building Resilient Food Systems. 

The main purpose of this Conference, was to enable the Council of Patron Ministers, the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, and the Secretariat to discuss pertinent issues that affect the local farmers, including ensuring the flow of knowledge and information to farmers to enhance adoption of innovations that increase Agricultural productivity and commercialization.

AICCRA-ESA researchers from CIMMYT and ICRISAT facilitated spillover on digital climate advisory services and seed delivery innovations for effective scaling of improved drought-tolerant varieties to enhance CSA uptake and use in central and Eastern.
Despite the potential that we have on the continent, one-quarter of the 1.2 billion people [in Africa] are still going hungry. Africa should not only feed itself but also contribute towards feeding the world.” Hon. Josephine Joseph Lagu, Minister of Agric & Food Security, South Sudan
In a joint communique, overseen by the ASARECA ED, Warinda Enock, 15 member countries of
ASARECA signed a joint communique at the AAMC2023. Member states agreed to support the scaling and commercialization of agricultural technologies and innovations in their countries.

To promote Agrifood systems transformation, African countries should support the development of infrastructure, such as storage facilities, transportation networks, & processing centers, to reduce post-harvest losses & improve market opportunities for small-scale farmers.

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