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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

VIRTUAL EVENT: FIT4FOOD2030 final conference

24 - 25 November 2020. FIT4FOOD2030 final conference - Implementing FOOD 2030 to future proof Europe's food systems through Research and Innovation.

The conference intended to broaden the understanding and importance of food system transformation and help different stakeholders engage to accomplish the transformation.

In this two-day virtual conference, the systems approach to food system transformation was discussed and practical tools and solutions developed by FIT4FOOD2030 to support responsible research and innovation in food system transformation, to have an impact on the challenges the food systems currently face within the local, national or European context. The FIT4FOOD2030 Final Conference was divided into two thematic streams. 
  1. First stream “Understanding food system transformation” focuses on describing food system transformation by describing trends, showcases, and breakthroughs that are affecting the food system and its transformation. It is primarily intended for researchers within food system.
  2. Second stream “Engaging stakeholders for food system transformation” emphasizes hands on information, learnings, and tools on how to best engage with stakeholders at EU, national and city level to drive food system transformation and food policy coordination. It is primarily intended for EU and national policy makers as well as local actors.

FIT4FOOD2030: Prof. Jacqueline Broerse about the project's context and outcomes

FIT4FOOD2030: Prof. Maggie Gill about the EU Think Tank and policy briefs


24/11. Second stream “Engaging stakeholders for food system transformation”: Connecting local and national ideas on R&I to European and international organisations 
  • Prof. Maggie Gill University of Aberdeen, chair of the FIT4FOOD2030 EU Think Tank 
  • Gerda Verburg, UN's Assistant Secretary-General and Coordinator of the Scaling Up Nutrition {SUN) Movement 
  • Mirjana Gurinovic, Scientific Research Advisor, FAO Nutrition consultant, research team leader at the CENM, University of Belgrade 
  • Prof. Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, City, University of London 

25/11. Keynote Presentation 
  • Afton Halloran - Independent Consultant, Sustainable Food Systems Transition - Bridge builders, knowledge brokers and cross-pollinators: why transdisciplinarity matters in the transition to healthy, fair and sustainable food systems 

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