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Thursday, November 12, 2020

How to apply for an European Research Council grant

11 - 12 November 2020. Two ERC webinars (one in English and one in French), were held jointly with the EU Delegation to the African Union based in Addis Ababa, for researchers in Africa who are interested in applying for an European Research Council (ERC) grant. 

ERC President, Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, along with ERC grantees and evaluators provided information on funding opportunities and some useful advice on how to apply for an ERC grant. 

11 November 2020. Some 200 participants participated in this English webinar
  • Piero VENTURI, Research and Innovation Counsellor, EU Delegation to the African Union
  • Masheleni HAMBANI, Head of the Division for Science and Technology, African Union Commission
  • Isayvani NAICKER, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, African Academy of Science, Kenya
  • Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON, ERC President
  • Eloise MARAIS, University College London, ERC grantee, South Africa
    Dr Eloise Marais is an Associate Professor in Physical Geography, in the Department of Geography at University College London (UCL) in the UK. She leads a research group focusing on addressing glaring and persistence uncertainties in the chemical composition of the atmosphere, using a range of cutting-edge research tools. She completed a BSc in Chemistry at University of KwaZulu-Natal and an MSc in Chemistry at Rhodes University.

  • Mustapha LAATIAOUI, University of Mainz, ERC grantee. Morocco
  • Brenda WINGFIELD, University of Pretoria, ERC former panel member, South Africa
12 November 2020. French webinar
  • Thomas HUYGHEBAERT, Chef de Politique, Délégation de l'Union Européenne auprès de
    l'Union Africaine
  • Masheleni HAMBANI, Commission de l’Union Africaine
  • Abdoulaye DJIMDE, Académie Africaine des Sciences
    Prof. Parasitology-Mycology. Malaria Research and Training Center, Faculté de Pharmacie, Université des Science, des Techniques et des Technologies de Bamako.
    Le principal objectif de ses recherches est de comprendre comment le parasite du paludisme devient résistant aux médicaments antipaludiques et comment cette résistance se propage dans le temps et l'espace.
  • Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON, Président de l’ERC (Conseil européen de la recherche)
  • Nabila BOUATIA-NAJI, Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale, France, Chercheur financé par l’ERC
    Prof. Nabila Bouatia-Naji is a geneticist and an INSERM research director (Professor grade) at the Paris Cardiovascular research center (PARCC), Université de Paris, France. Dr Bouatia-Naji holds a Ph.D. in human genetics from Lille University, France and has developed expertise in the study of cardiometabolic diseases and traits in human populations. Her current multidisciplinary research team includes statistical geneticists, molecular biologists, and clinicians. The team supported by an ERC grant aims to understand fibromuscular dysplasia and spontaneous coronary artery dissection, two atypical vascular diseases with high prevalence in women.
  • Tegawendé F.BISSYANDÉ, Université du Luxembourg, Chercheur financé par l’ERC
  • Pascale VIELLE, ancienne évaluatrice de projets soumis pour l'ERC, Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), Belgique
  1. The information in the first presentation of the video below highlights how the ERC supports top researchers from anywhere in the world.  ERC Funding Opportunities with focus on Starting Grants - Lucía Rubio Fernández, Scientific Officer, European Research Council
  2. The second presentation entails information on existing bilateral schemes (Implementing Arrangements) between the ERC and Australia. 

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