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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

WEBINAR: Multistakeholder engagement for transformation of food system

9 November 2020. From Asia to Near East and North Africa: Multistakeholder engagement for transformation of food system to deliver healthy diet and improve nutrition

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In the framework of its Regional Network on Nutrition-sensitive Food System, FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa organized a regional dialogue on effective multistakeholder coordination on nutrition-related matters, learning from Asia experience on multistakeholder mechanism with the aim to explore similar arrangements for Near East and North Africa. The event will provide an opportunity to exchange of good practices, discuss challenges and issues for engaging various stakeholders, including different roles of stakeholders in transforming food systems to deliver healthy diets and improve nutrition. 

The panel comprised high-level speakers representing farmers organization, representatives of regional and global multistakeholder platform, academe and research institutions.
  • Mr Serge Nakouzi, Deputy Regional Representative and Officer in Charge, FAORNE - Welcoming remarks 
  • H.E. Thanawan Tiensin, Chair of CFS - “Importance of multistakeholder coordination at regional and global levels for transforming food system to promote healthy diet and improve nutrition” – delivered by  
  • Dr Shenggen Fan, Chair Professor, China Agricultural University, and Former Director-General of IFPRI: How can agriculture science and research outcomes be effectively used to influence diets and improve nutrition and how can multistakeholder platforms be useful for delivering these research and science based solutions?
  • Dr Grahame Dixie, Executive Director, Grow Asia (Asia Multistakeholder Platform): Engaging the private sectors and other stakeholders along the food value chain for affordable, accessible and diversified, safe and nutritious foods for all. How multistakeholder mechanism can effectively engage with different stakeholders? What are the results and impact of such dialogues in terms of policy change and investment that promote healthy diet and improve nutrition?
  • Ms Esther Penunia, Secretary-General, Asian Farmer’s Association for Sustainable Rural development (Ambassador for International Year of Family Farming and Member of 2021 Food Systems Summit Advisory Committee): Conditions for effective involvement of small holder farmers in multistakeholder dialogues: what does it take to ensure that smallholder farmers produce safe, diversified, and better varieties of nutritious foods?

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