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Monday, February 12, 2024

Multi-Stakeholder Consultative Forum on COP28 Reflections and 2024 Strategy

12 - 13 February 2024Multi-Stakeholder Consultative Forum on COP28 Reflections and 2024 Strategy - 37 TH AFRICA UNION SUMMIT SIDE-EVENT

The overall objective of the Multi-stakeholder Consultative Forum on COP28 Reflections and COP29 Strategy, held in conjunction with the thirty-seventh Assembly of the Heads of State and Government of the African Union, is to foster a unified and impactful African stance on climate action through the exchange of perspectives, the evaluation of progress and challenges faced in 2023,
and the formulation of strategic recommendations. This forum aims to enhance collaboration among African stakeholders, including delegates and political leaders, to effectively contribute to the global climate discourse and decision-making processes.

The Africa Adaptation Climate Justice (AACJ) program, supported by various partners and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to build strong, inclusive movements for climate justice across eight African countries.

Extracts of the programme


  • Dr. Mithika Mwenda, Executive Director, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance 
  • Dr. Kevin Kariuki, Vice President for Power, Energy, Climate and Green Growth, African Development Bank 
  • Dr. Nassim Oulmane, Director of the Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resources Management Division, UN Economic Commission for Africa 
  • H.E. Ambassador Josefa Sacko, Commissioner, Agriculture, Rural Development and Blue Economy, African Union Commission 

12/02 Session 3. a: Key outcomes on adaptation, Global Goal on Adaptation and Adaptation finance

  • + dedicated session of Health 

    For more details on the consultations in climate change and health, please visit ARIN Website 
    The African Research and Impact Network (ARIN) is an impact platform that brings together a network of scholars and policymakers across Africa. Modeled as a network, ARIN seeks to leverage on the capabilities of African talented scholars in a flexible manner. ARIN’s core focus is to engage in peer learning and sharing good transformative research and impact practices. Areas of focus include natural resource management, climate change, agriculture, forestry, energy, water, and cities to leverage their knowledge and experiences in promoting research excellence and impact pathways.

12/02 Session 3.b: Key Outcomes on Loss and Damage  

  • Richard Sherman, Co-chair, Transitional committee on Loss and Damage 
  • Julius Ngoma, Coordinator, Civil Society Network on Climate Change, Malawi   
  • Mathewos Tulu, AU Liaison Office Coordination Officer (Head of Office) UNDRR  
  • Obed Koringo, Policy Advisor, Care International 
  • Yared Deme, World Resources Institute 
  • Mohapi Mpona Eusebia, Youth for Climate Justice ¡ Ayan Harare, Climate Justice Lead, Oxfam in Africa

13/02 Session 3.d: Key Outcomes on Mitigation and Just and orderly Transition (Energy, Transitioning away from fossil fuels)  

  • Caroline Tagwireyi, Senior Mitigation Officer, AUC-SEBE
  • Prof. Fadhel Kaboub, President, Global Institute of Sustainable Prosperity 
  • Thomas Opande, Energy Expert, WWF   
  • Eugene Nforngwa, Thematic Lead- Energy & Just Transition, African Coalition for Sustainable Energy and Access 
  • Elizabeth Chege, Energy Efficiency and Cooling Specialists, Sustainable Energy for All 
  • Dr. Dorsouma Alhamndou, Division Manager, Department of Climate Change and Green Growth, AfDB 

13/02 Session 3.e: Key Outcomes on Climate Finance 

13/02 Session 4.b: Critical Minerals - securing Africa’s interest in critical minerals sector

13/02 Session 4.b: Securing land and natural resource rights for climate resilient in the face of carbon markets 

  • Dr. Yemi Katerere, Independent Environmental and Policy Expert, African Civil Society Biodiversity Alliance 
  • Daisy Mukarakate, Regional Climate Policy Advisor, UNDP, Addis Ababa 
  • Emmanuel Siakilo, Senior Advisor; Climate Change-AUC ¡ Susan Otieno, Country Director, Action Aid International Kenya 
  • Grace Ananda, Policy and Advocacy Manager – Africa, Habitat for Humanity International ¡ Samante Anne, Programmes Manager, MPIDO

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