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Thursday, September 16, 2021

WEBINAR: Measuring Food Insecurity in the Sustainable Development Goals

15 September 2021. In 2013, FAO launched the “Voices of the Hungry” project, establishing a new globally valid tool called the Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES). The latter provides an approach for measuring the severity of people’s food insecurity condition by looking at their own experiences, allowing to hear the voices of the people who struggle daily to have access to safe and nutritious food.

The objective of this RUFORUM webinar was to introduce FIES as a tool for measuring food insecurity at different levels and raise awareness among the participants on FAO’s work linked to food security data and the SDGs. 

Dr. Carlo Cafiero (in charge of FAOSTAT’s production of food security and nutrition statistics). He is also the FAO focal point for the food security indicators used to monitor SDG Target 2.1 at the global level. He was introduced by Kaori Abe, Partnership Officer at FAO.

He discussed the Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES) and its potential use to measure the severity of the food insecurity condition of individuals and households worldwide. 

He shared FIES' use to compute indicators that can be used at different levels, from monitoring and evaluation of specific programs at local level, to monitor SDG Target 2.1 at national, regional, and global levels. 


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