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Monday, June 28, 2021

FACCE-JPI: harnessing joint programming to support transformation of Food Systems

25 June 2021.  The Joint Programming Initiative for Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) organised a dedicated workshop for invited participants to contribute to the vision and objectives of the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS).
FACCE-JPI aims to draw on this experience and expertise, in particular the insights gained by placing food Systems in the context of climate, to identify those changes to agricultural production which are required for transformation of Food Systems. 

The goals of the workshop was to raise awareness among scientists, research funders, and policy advisors and policy makers about FACCE-JPI’s contributions to making food production more sustainable and to ensuring food security in Europe and around the world, and to discuss ways in which the initiative can contribute to the goals of the UNFSS.

In its Strategic Research Agendas published in 2012 and 2020, which have been implemented in more than 140 funded projects in the last decade, FACCE-JPI has promoted a vision for European agricultural production that is nature-positive, nutritious and resilient in the face of climate change and other shocks. Through a focus on knowledge synthesis and impact, a co-creation approach to translating effective agricultural practices into the field and closer communication with policy-makers – supported by impact measurement – the initiative is now committed to providing the scientific insights required for transformation of food systems and progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. 

SESSION 1: What changes to agricultural production are required for transformation of Food Systems?

  • Co-Chairs: Frank Ewert (member of the Scientific Committee of the UNFSS and the FACCEJPI Scientific Advisory Board) and Jean-François Soussana (member of the Scientific Committee of the UNFSS and the FACCE-JPI Governing Board) 
  • Joachim von Braun, Chair of the Scientific Group of the UNFSS Expectations of the Scientific Group for the Summit 

  • Gudrun Langthaler, Chair of the FACCE-JPI Governing Board Welcome 
  • Kerstin Rosenow, Head of Unit Research and Innovation DG Agriculture, EU Commission The view from the EU Commission on the transformation of Food Systems 

  • Anne Mottet, Livestock Development Officer, FAO Livestock production and Food Systems

SESSION 2: FACCE-JPI’s approach to transformation of Food Systems – joint programming and a focus on agricultural production and food security in the context of climate change

  • Gudrun Langthaler, Chair of FACCE-JPI Governing Board and Jean-François Soussana FACCE-JPI’s approach to transforming Food Systems 
  • Frank O’Mara, Director of Research at Teagasc, Ireland FACCE ERA-GAS: the ERA-NET cofund for monitoring & mitigation of greenhouse gases from agri- and silvi-culture 
  • Maurice Héral, Head of Department of Environment and Biological Resources, ANR, France FOSC: the ERA-NET on Food Systems and Climate 
  • Pete Smith, Chair in Plant & Soil Science, University of Aberdeen, UK The DEVIL project: Feedback Loop Interactions Between Land Use Change and Food Security Dynamics 
  • Katharina Helming, Head of the Sustainability Impact Assessment research group, Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, Germany The MACSUR Science-Policy Knowledge Forum for strategic design of climate change adaptation and mitigation measures 

SESSION 3: How can FACCE-JPI contribute to the goals of the UNFSS?

  • Chair: Gianluca Brunori, Chair of FACCE-JPI Scientific Advisory Board 
  • Frank Ewert, FACCE-JPI Scientific Advisory Board FACCE-JPI’s Strategic Research Agenda 2020 

Discussions in breakout groups: How can FACCE-JPI help make Food Systems more sustainable and promote food security?

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