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Monday, June 28, 2021

WEBINAR: Land inequality at the heart of polarised food systems

25 June 2021Uneven Ground. Land inequality at the heart of polarised food systems InfoPoint Virtual Conference

In most countries, land inequality is growing. Worse, new measures and analysis published by the International Land Coalition show that land inequality is significantly higher than previously reported. New measurements show that the top 10% of the rural population captures 60% of agricultural land value, while the bottom 50% of the rural populations only control 3 % of land value. Compared to traditional census data, this proves an increase in rural land inequality of 41%.

Strengthening land tenure rights among local farmers and communities contributes to food systems based on individual or collective community choices. Land tenure rights empower farmers to decide on efficient, scheduled, appropriate and suitable cropping system and serve as a strong foundation for economic empowerment. Secure land rights are the basis for human dignity of all land-dependent communities, including Indigenous Peoples, pastoralists, local communities and landless farmers forming the pathway for right to food among these communities and beyond.

This webinar presented the ILC-led research project and engagement in the preparatory process for upcoming the United Nations Food Systems Summit.
  • Christophe Larose, Head of Sector, Sustainable Agriculture, INTPA.DGA2.F.3 Sustainable Agri-Food systems and Fisheries - European Commission
  • Etienne Coyette, Policy Officer, Land Governance, Food Systems & Climate Change, DG INTPA Unit F3 - European Commission
  • Ward Anseeuw, Researcher, Knowledge, Learning and Innovation, International Land Coalition and CIRAD - Land inequality at the heart of polarised food systems

  • Rukshana Nanayakkara, Global Policy and Advovacy Expert - International Land Coalition - BRINGING LAND INTO FOOD SYSTEMS

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