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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

WEBINAR: Global Dialogue of Higher Education, Research and Advisory Services Networks and selected Actors

2 June, 2021Global Dialogue of Higher Education, Research and Advisory Services Networks and selected Actors by RUFORUM 
  • The Concept note on dialogue on building capacity for agrifood systems research to better harness science, institutions and technology to improve Global/African food systems [ 2nd June 2021]. [ English ] || [ French ] || [ Arabic ] || [ Portuguese ]
  • See the press release
The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) hosted a virtual dialogue for Africa Government Technical Experts towards the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 under the theme “Transforming food systems is crucial for delivering all the Sustainable Development Goals”. Ten (10) African countries (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe) participated in the Dialogue.

The meeting with the Technical Experts on 27th May 2021 followed a series of national and subregional dialogues (for Central, Eastern, Southern and West Africa) that RUFORUM organized jointly with Member State Governments and other actors so as to garner collective understanding of the issues and actions needed to strengthen Food Systems in Africa. The convening for North Africa and Middle East is slated for 10 June 2021.

Prior to that RUFORUM hosted two global events, a convening for Global Youth on 01 June 2021, and a Convening for Global Higher Education, Research and Advisory Services Networks on 2nd June 2021

The outcomes of these deliberations will be presented to a meeting of Africa’s Ministers of Agriculture, Education and Science, Technology and innovation, who will then present their recommendations to African Heads of State and Government, and subsequently to the UN Food Systems Summit in October 2021.
The ongoing Dialogues provide opportunities for Universities and other actors to engage with the Governments and Global community towards needed actions towards ending hunger and malnutrition and developing more resilient, inclusive and climate –compatible agriculture and food systems. Prof Adipala Ekwamu, RUFORUM Executive Secretary


  • Moderator: Prof George K.T. Oduro, University of Cape Coast, Ghana
  • Moderator: Dr Hlamalani Ngwenya, Sustainable Food Systems, University of Free State, South Africa
  • Prof Adipala Ekwamu RUFORUM Executive Secretary - Background to the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 and the Pre- Summit Global dialogues

Analysis of Current and Future Food Systems in Africa and the Americas

  • Prof Tawana Kupe, Vice Chancellor, University of Pretoria, South Africa - Perspectives from Africa: current and emerging trends
  • Mr Bernie Burrola, Vice President for International Programmes, American Public and Land Grant Universities, USA - Perspectives from North America: current and emerging trends
  • Ms. Tanya Muller Garcia, President, Zamorano University, Honduras - Perspectives from Central and Latin America: current and emerging trends
  • Prof Jose Zaglul, President, Global Consortium for Higher Education and Research in Agriculture (GCHERA) - Responding to global Food Systems changes and challenges: need for more robust and adaptive education, research and extension

Analysis of Current and Future Food Systems in Europe, Gulf States and Asia

  • Professor Arthur Mol, Vice Rector, Wageningen University and Research (WUR), Netherlands - Perspectives from Europe: current and emerging trends
  • Dr Rabi H. Mohtar, American University of Beirut,  Lebanon - Perspectives from the Mashreq Region of the Middle East (Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon): Opportunities and Challenges

Asian Current and Emerging Trends for Transforming
Food Security Systems

  • Prof. Ki Hee Ryu, Institute of Green Bio Science and Technology, Seoul National University, Korea
  • Dr LI LI, China Agricultural University, China - Perspectives from China: current and emerging trends

Breakout sessions: Strengthening Food Systems transformation for increased productivity, inclusivity and resilience

Break-out session 1: Research and Innovation: 

  • Dr Hayden MontgomeryGlobal Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA), Uruguay - Moderator
  • Raffaele Maiorano, Acting Chairperson, Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR), FAO, Rome
    "The European Commission can play a very i
  • Dr Runyararo Jolyn Rukarwa, RUFORUM Secretariat, Uganda- Rapporteur

Break out session 2: Re-Imaging Agricultural Rural Advisory services in a dynamic global food system

  • Professor Daniel Sherrard, Former Provost, EARTH University, Costa Rica - Moderator 
  • Dr Carl Eric Schou Larsen, Executive Secretary, Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS), Switzerland - Keynote Speaker 
  • Dr Silim Nahdy, Executive Director, Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services in Africa (AFAAS)- Respondent 
  • Dr Sylvanus Mensah, RUFORUM Secretariat, Uganda - Rapporteur

Break out session 3: Fostering global partnerships for collective response

  • Prof Alice Pell Former Vice Provost, Cornell University, USA - Moderator 
  • Prof Stephen Onakuse, President AGRINATURA, Ireland - Keynote Speaker 
  • Lau Dr. Viliamu Iese/ Dr Diarra Siaka, University of the South Pacific - Respondent 
  • Mr Emmanuel Okalany, RUFORUM Secretariat, Uganda - Rapporteur

Wrap up of Emerging Issues and suggested actions

  • Dr Alice Mweetwa, RUFORUM Deputy Executive Secretary, Programme Development and Implementation. 

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