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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

WEBINAR: Agri-investment in Asia and beyond

30 June 2021Agri-investment in Asia and beyond. by Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders and Agribusiness (CASA)

  • Grahame Dixie served as the World Bank’s lead agribusiness advisor where he was involved in the design and review of the World Bank’s portfolio of projects linking smaller scale farmers to markets and agribusinesses. 
  • More recently, Grahame has served as an advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and IFAD.
  • He was a panellist in CASA Webinar 5: Making Inclusivity Work: A role for legal empowerment.

To access the live stream on YouTube, follow this link  and click on the Stream button on the left hand side.

  • What is the case for investment in agriculture in developing markets – and is there a difference between international and local investors in this respect?
  • Why should investors care about smallholder farmers when business models that rely on them are less effective, more complex and ultimately less profitable?
  • What would you say to private sector investors who are keen to learn aspects of good investment in agriculture?
  • What are the rookie mistakes being made by new investors in smallholder-led agriculture?

The 31 March 2021 webinar discussed recommendations for capital providers to achieve sustainable investments in commercial agriculture that promote inclusivity of smallholder farmers in value chains in developing countries.

The session featured reports from the Empowering Producers in Commercial Agriculture programme on working with farmer groups, including:
  • Contracts in commercial agriculture: enhancing rural producer agency;
  • Socio-legal empowerment and agency of small-scale farmers in informal markets; and
  • Rural Producer Agency and Agricultural Value Chains: What Role for Socio-Legal Empowerment?

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