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Monday, November 20, 2023

IPES-Food News | Local food policies offer blueprint for climate action

IPES (2023) From Plate to Planet #33 p.

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This new IPES food report exposes how city and regional governments are leading the way on real food and climate action, even as national governments lag – with dozens of inspiring examples of effective action on-the-ground. Examples are drawn from signatories of the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration. It shows how local governments are pioneering policies on food and climate change through dozens of inspiring examples on the ground, including:
  • promoting healthy and sustainable diets, 
  • reducing food waste, 
  • shortening food chains, 
  • training organic farmers, 
  • and ensuring all residents can access healthy and sustainable food
Global action on the climate crisis is nowhere near the scale and commitment required to limit warming to 1.5°C. Urgent and far-reaching action to transform food systems is needed to reach the Paris Agreement target. However, while national governments are falling short – cities and regional governments are pioneering far-reaching policies on food and climate change.

From Plate to Planet’ finds local governments from small towns to mega cities and regions, have recognized food system change as a key lever for climate action. Leading action that goes 35% above and beyond what has been pledged by national governments; they are reducing food miles, cutting food waste, transforming school canteens, and sparking shifts to sustainable diets.

The IPES expert panel calls on national governments to take inspiration from local governments and harness the emissions-cutting potential of food system transformation.
"It’s truly inspiring to see cities and regions leading the way on action to transform food systems and reduce emissions. It's time for national governments to learn from them - drawing down emissions from plate to planet," Olivier De Schutter, IPES-Food's co-chair

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